Error Solution [RPC: S-7: AEC-0] On Android

Error retrieving information from server. [RPC: S-7: AEC-0] very rarely occur in android phone, but once you experience it. Before discussing solutions for RPC error: S-7: AEC-0 I will tell some of the causes why these problems occur on your android.
RPC error Causes: S-7: AEC-0

1. You use one account for multiple devices

2. You have just replace / delete android account and then sign in again.

3. Several times a sync fails because the Internet connection is not stable.

Solutions for error RPC S-7 AEC-0:

1. resync android account and reboot, then try download it again

2. Remove account and then sign in and reboot, then try to download the application again the error.

3. Change your internet connection and then remove the account and then sign in again.

Of translation problems and solutions we can draw conclusions on the causes of RPC error: S-7: AEC-0 is the account that ‘hang’ or login but not perfect because the device is more than one connection or less stable. To overcome the above problems you simply select one alone solution but adjust to the cause of the error.

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